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What ALGEN'S DIVE RESORT can offer :

SCUBA DIVING: ALGEN'S House Reef is packed with both Artificial and Natural Reefs. Assorted species of fishes and underwater creatures are noted in this undisturbed sea. The seascape is so unique that soothes the indulgence of your craving for underwater nature. Mantigue Island, Jicduff Shoal and Burias Reef are another more fascinating dive sites near our vicinity. We also offer Discover SCUBA Dive.

SNORKELING: If SCUBA diving is not your course, Snorkeling is one best next thing we can offer.

KAYAKING: You can choose a single or a double-man kayak to ride-on in almost always calm seas at ALGEN'S.

BOATING: If you can't bear to ride the kayaks, boating is great for you.

SWIMMING: Adults and children love to swim the calm seas. You surely will love to spend it here.

BEACH PARTY & GET-TOGETHER: Young adults love to party at the beach. ALGEN'S can definitely cater a safe and spacious beachside party.

TENTS: Overnight backpackers can lay their tents on ALGEN'S open airy grounds and spend a good night slumber.

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